Ecumenical Network of the Protestant Church

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands is organised according to the principles of the so-called presbyterial-synodical system. 

This reflects the fact that the Protestant Church in the Netherlands is strongly rooted in the Reformed tradition (WCRC), deeply appreciates the Lutheran part of its constituency (LWF), and above all seeks the visible unity of all Reformation churches on a European level (CPCE). 

World Council of Churches

First of all, the Protestant Church in the Netherlands participates in the World Council of Churches. The WCC is the central body in the ecumenical field, binding together more than 340 churches from all over the world. They come from most of the main confessional traditions. The Roman Catholic Church is not a member, but co-operates with the WCC in many areas. 

> World Council of Churches

Conference of European Churches

On a European level, the Protestant Church in the Netherlands belongs to the Conference of European Churches (CEC). In this body nearly all European WCC member churches together address issues with a specifically European flavour.   


National Council of Churches

The Dutch WCC/CEC churches, together with the Dutch Church Province of the Roman Catholic Church and a few others, meet every month in the National Council of Churches (Raad van kerken in Nederland), to fulfil their common calling in our national context. 

> National Council of Churches (Raad van kerken in Nederland) 

Reformation Churches

Within the family of Reformation Churches the Protestant Church in the Netherlands is part of three international ecumenical bodies. 

> World Communion Reformed Churches (WCRC)

> Lutheran World Federation (LWF)

> Community of Protestant Churches in Europa (CPCE/Leuenberg)