Protestantse Kerk
Doorgaan naar hoofdinhoud

Declaration on unification

The General Synod of the Netherlands Reformed Church,\r\nthe General Synod of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands\r\nand the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Kingdom of the Netherlands\r\ndecided to unite the churches which are entrusted to their care and guidance\r\ninto the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.\r\n

We unite in believing that our Lord Jesus Christ himself prayed for the unity of his Church, so that the world may believe in Him.

The separate roads which our churches in the Netherlands have been following since the Reformation in the 16th century and the two secessions in the 19th century, meet here.
In recent years the churches have been ‘together on the way’ with the purpose to unite. In decisions and declarations, and especially in accepting the church order of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, our longing for unity has gradually taken shape.
We pray for renewal by the Holy Spirit and express
  • Our confidence that the Spirit will continue to lead his Church
  • Our desire to proclaim the Name of our Lord and to give expression to his love and faithfulness in Dutch society
  • Our hope that – where concerns continue to exist within the church – we may find each other in the name of our Lord
  • Our willingness to continue seeking a growing visible unity of God’s Church in the future.

 Soli Deo Gloria